Monday, May 3, 2010


So I am getting my outline of my book together and I need some ideas. I wanted to do it in a time where life was simpler and we were not so dependent on things like computers and stuff.
Brian then suggested I do a future where the industrial revolution happened. It seems so small a thing but it affected so many things. Then we thought well maybe just a few key inventions. The microchip, and the combustion engine for instance. So what else would make our lives so that we relied on steam engine's carriages and farming even? Maybe the people that invented these things were never born or something? What about the medical field? Where would we stand without computers to document and compile information?
Any thoughts that might help me create this world?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Lately we have been so busy it's hard to imagine not being tired but for some reason this week has just been the busiest and the most exhausting.

Brian had finals due this week and even though they are his assignments, the stress of finishing them was shared between both of us. He has not gotten his grades yet but he got them all turned in. So I will let you know when he does.

The boys and I were equally busy with other things... first off Juju had another IEP this week... 2 in a week got to us both. It's not really something I was looking forward to either. I know that he needs a little guidance in the classroom but I am not sure I am ok with them sticking him with an ADHD label. I suppose it could be worse though considering Matthew has Autism. He is a good boy he is just a little behind and is still having a problem with staying on task on his own. Then again he is only in kindergarten. It seems like the expectations for what our children should know have gotten unfairly high... yet I am afraid that my expectations are simply too low. He is our oldest so I am not sure how this should go. I think he is smart and knows a lot for his age and then I saw the kids in his class and they are further than he is. It's insane especially because I work with him at home and from what his teacher said most parents don't. Anyways, he will be able to continue to get a little help this way so I will deal with it regardless of my personal offenses on his behalf.

That same day we got to start registration for Mikey. We were hoping that we would be able to put him in the class that Juju is so that he could have the same teacher.. she has been so good with him and Mikey wanted her to be his teacher to. Unfortunately she is moving to the 4th grade next year. She was saying that she will see them both in a few years this way which would normally be a yes but we will probably be moving in 2 years. We are only here for Brian's schooling. She did tell us to request another teacher... she says this one is going to be good with Mikey, so we shall see how it goes. The other grr part is that we can't finish his paperwork and get them on the bus group until August because Mikey is missing about 5 shots and one he can't get until July anyways... lame. Not to be forgotten... we don't have a pediatrician here yet so we get to find one sooner than we had thought. Oh well better to have one in mind and not need him for anything more than shots lol.

I totally flaked out on my last obligation that day too.. was supposed to go to the doctor for a check of Evie and by the time I realized I had forgotten it was too late. In my defense I was already running out of steam when we got done with registration. They called and asked me to come in the next day. Brian had school so I had to take the boys with me and Mikey was not exactly on his best behavior. Neither was Evie. She ran from the heartbeat machine, literally. She seems to be under the impression that my insides are free game for whatever she wants. The doctor took a few minutes to actually find her but when she did everything seemed fine. No complaints.

Friday night I watched My sister's friend's little girl. She is super shy and was not happy to be left so I slept on the couch so she would not feel alone. Not a good idea on my part, I think she slept ok but I sure didn't and Jenny cane to get her only half an hour before I had to wake Brian for work. (5am) I didn't get long to sleep after he left either since Mikey gets up at 7:30. Late nights and early mornings have made me one tired mommy!

Saturday night I got to have a little time away and spent time with my sister and some friends. It was nice to have fun despite the fact that my eyes were trying hard to close! We watched Tashlee again last night and that little girl stays up so late it's insane! At about midnight I couldn't stay up any longer so I put Max and Ruby on and let her fall asleep to it. Pretty sure it didn't work though. I heard Jenn and Brandi come in around 1 am and I thought I heard them talking to her. CRAZY KID!

5 am rolled around again and I had to wake Brian again.. he has a hard time waking up to his alarm alone so I have to set mine too. But I can't sleep through either of the alarms so I am half awake till he gets his butt out of bed. I fell asleep for about an hour and a half before my mother called. I was not happy with her... lol. rather than try to go back to bed for 30 minutes I went in an woke the boys and got them ready for church. Weird thing is even though we were up earlier the boys still didn't have their shoes on when our ride came!

After church I tried to nap... even made the boys lay down with me. (BAD IDEA!) As of it wasn't hot enough as it is.. the little microwaves were on either side of me cooking me more than Evie is! So an hour and a half later and now drenched in sweat I am still not rested and now I am hungry! Time to eat and go to bed early! Maybe I can sneak the AC down to 74 for a few hours! It's gonna be a long summer!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

L.Tom Perry visit

The boys and I got to meet Elder L. Tom Perry today and let me tell you.. he is a funny guy and holy moses is he tall! He spoke on our stake this week and we had the opportunity to see him after the meeting in a smaller group setting. We were able to shake his hand and they even took a picture of us with him. Mikey said, 'Hey what's up?' to Elder Perry and he said.. 'What?' lol. I had to tell him it was like saying how are you lol. Anywho, he was awesome to meet and hear talk in person!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Super cute!

Mikey modeled some of my new hair things for Evie =D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Some pics of us that more recent. Me showing off the baby belly and Brian hard at work doing a school project then the boys rockin' their new haircuts!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Need Help

So I have decided that I want to be a writer.. only one problem... the only critics I have either love no matter what I write or can't find a single thing they do like about it. This makes me wonder if I can even write anything anyone will read.

Question being, I want to write a fantasy romance type of book and I am wondering if anyone would mind reading some or letting me shoot ideas off them and give me a honest but not not harsh or jaded opinion. Obviously it would be best if this genre was interesting to you but anyone will be appreciated. =) Thanks!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why is this a difficult concept guys!?

I am curious if anyone else has this issue with their spouse. We seem to differ on this one subject and its ends up to be a bit of a pissing contest if you will.
He goes to work and school and as most people doesn't like his job and wishes he could just quit.. I get that.. he works security and it's lame and lacks any fulfillment, fine.
I being a stay at home mom and pretty much the sole protector of our life right now take care of everything else. From taking care of the kids and the house to getting repairs done on the car, filling it with gas and even paying bills.
Yes I do not have a tangible income but my employer.. if one exists is my husband right? So why is it that the role of being at home is misunderstood to be 'soo much easier'? I know he doesn't have it easy but neither do I. I only feel this way when what I do is belittled like this. I am a good mom, my kids are good and healthy, our house and finances are in order but somehow the process is ignored or rather just not seen so therefor fantasy?
Anyways, I have been married a few years now and we have made things work so far but it seems like this is something that is going to be a giant hurdle for me. Is it wrong to need some understanding and appreciation? It's like mom used to say, 'These dishes aren't gonna wash themselves!' Nope I am gonna have to do it no matter how much I hate the wrinkly, dry feeling I get from the soap!